Sunday, February 21, 2010

Excess zucchinis? Take a look here...

What does everyone DO with their excess zucchinis? We have loads at the moment and to date we have exhausted zucchini slice, chocolate zucchini cake, fried zucchini, zucchini in curries, um..what else? I'm sure there's more. I seem to put it in everything. I sneak it into bolognaise sauce and it makes it's grated way into meatloaf and corn fritters (I particularly like the yellow zucchinis for this, because they camouflage nicely into the mix, just like bits of corn - extra sneaky eh!).

I was out of ideas, until I was rifling through some old magazines and came across this little gem from Good Taste, way back in 2007. Fried zucchinis and squash, ricotta, feta, fresh herbs, filo...what more could one ask for? It was really quick and easy to put together, and it was a nice way to use up my food swap pumpkin! This recipe is definately a keeper.

Zucchini & feta roll with pumpkin mash

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