Easy-Peasy Pizza Sauce

Earlier in the week I had gathered up about a kilo of homegrown tomatoes and they were turning soft and over ripe. They needed to be made into something quickly. The tastiest pizza sauce is always homemade and as we don't have any left, that's what I decided to turn them into.

A mixture of grosse lisse, tigerella, yellow peach, black krim, green zebra and red fig tomatoes

First up, chop the tomotoes into halves or quarters, depending on their size. You'll figure it out. Leave the little ones whole. Put them all in a pot and simmer on med-low heat for about 15-20 minutes, until they are mushy and coming out of their skins. Squish them with a wooden spoon if it makes you feel good.

Run the whole lot through a food mill, set on a fine disc, to seperate the seeds and skin. Don't forget to scrape all of that wonderful goodness from underneath the food mill into the bowl. Keep the skins and seeds to feed to the chooks, worms or compost.

Place the now smooth sauce back in the pot and return to the stove to simmer on a low heat. In the meantime, go into the garden and pick a bunch of your favourite herbs, in my case, oregano.

Chop the herbs finely (but not too finely, we don't want "grass dust"), and throw them into the lovely thick sauce. Add some finely crushed/minced with a knife garlic now too. Allow the whole lot to thicken to your liking, stirring now and then.

Use immediately, or package into containers or snap-lock bags and freeze for future use. Your tastebuds will most certainly thank you.


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