Creating romance in the vegie patch...

I've been thinking a little bit about companion planting lately. Last year I made a mistake by planting peas alongside onions, which was a no-no according to the library book I had out at the time. Who knew? Apparently onions get along famously with carrots, while carrots also do well with beans, but then beans grow well with corn and don't like onions and garlic either , while cucumbers happen to like the company of beans!! Argh!! It's all so confusing!! Taken from the long-ago returned library book, I have some notes that will hopefully lead me in the right direction to creating lasting relationships between my plants:


-carrots & beans

-beans & summer savoury

-beans & corn

-brassicas, celery, potatoes, beetroots & onions

-broccoli & oregano (apparently the oregano repels cabbage moth - must remember this!)

-carrots like lime, humus and potash

-carrots & onions & herbs/chives

-celery & leeks, tomatoes and brassicas

-corn & potatoes, beans, cucumbers, pumpkin and squash

-cucumbers & beans, peas, radish and sunflower

-leek & celery and onions

-onions & brassicas, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, summer savoury

-parsley and carrot

-peas & carrots, tunips, radishes, cucumber, corn, beans, potatoes and aromatic herbs (aren't all herbs aromatic?)

-sweet peppers & basil

-tomatoes & chives, onions, parsly, basil, marigold, nasturtiam, carrot and garlic

-watermelon and potatoes

And at the same time, we also have those that don't get along, and should remain seperated:


-beans & onions/garlic

-broccoli & tomatoes, pole beans or strawberries

-cucumber & potatoes, aromatic herbs

-onions and legumes

-tomatoes & brassicas, potatoes

Phew! I have to say, I'm still really confused! But with half a chance, having it written down, some beautiful friendships may take place in my vegie patch.

And now, just to move on from all that information that has caused my brain to ache, I have a hot date with a comfy armchair and a steaming cup of tea, to read over my first ever catalogue from Eden Seeds, which just arrived in the mail...


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