Big Mama woodfired oven

I thought it might be fun to post some pics of our woodfired oven. Hubby and I built it about 18 months ago, after I went to a one day workshop with a girlfriend, which showed us how to go about building such a beast.

We had the ideal spot outside our kitchen and back door, where an old unused solid fuel barbeque stood. It was depressing looking at it every time I went outside, and thought the space could be utilised in a much better way.

As the barbeque would not be big enough as a base to support our oven, the first step was to pour a concrete slab...

..and build up the front section, which includes a wood storage arch.

We sourced the bricks from an old house in the city that was being renovated, they are about 100 years old and have lots of beautiful shades of red in them (as well as some ghastly painted ones, which we used facing inwards)

A second slab was poured to support the oven. This is me laying the oven floor bricks on a bed of sand, precision is everything, right?!

A sand dome form needed to be made, to support the oven dome bricks while they were being layed. Once the dome part is complete, the sand is then removed, revealing the interior of the oven..exciting!

...the flue begins to take shape (and cold winter weather sets in, hence the tarp)

..the chimney standing tall and proud, and hubby's artistic front archway...

Breaking our big mama in... while anticipating homemade tasty treats to follow.
By building the oven ourselves, it greatly reduced the cost compared to buying an oven ready made PLUS we ended up with a unique oven that no-one else has. With the left over materials, we had enough to build a baby oven right next to this one, so whether it is just us on a quiet weekend, or a gathering of friends, we are most definately covered in the woodfired food department.

The quantity of food one can expect from a full firing *enter available freezer space*: 1 double size lasagne, naan breads, double batch of choc-chip cookies, 9 cheese rolls, 2 loaves of sourdough and 2 loaves of raisin bread. Slow cooked baked beans can also be put in the oven to cook overnight, giving you a wonderful breaky the next day. 


  1. Wow! I thought the baby one was amazing...this is fantastic...I'm so jealous....I want one! I will need to start sourcing the bits....maybe a summer job. Truly amazing...looks like hard work, but soooo worth it...Well your blog!

  2. Thanks, Narelle. We love our big mama..I've been thinking of having another firing soon actually. It was a big job to build and over winter too, which was very chilly to be outside working! Summer would be much more comfortable, they add so much character to your property - have fun sourcing your materials ;)

    PS - check out traditional oven - the link is in my sidebar. Lots of great woodfired oven inspiration over there in the gallery!

  3. Brilliant! We're planning one, too!

  4. Seeing this just got me more excited in finishing our brick oven! :D For a change,we decided to make our own. And you can say it’s customized without the extra fee. ;) But it would be lovely too to have a pre-assembled one! We’re just going to start on the base tomorrow, hopefully, and may the sun shine upon us! Any difficulty you’ve had on this stage?

  5. This is amazing Christine! What a brilliant job you guys did on this!


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