Behold my bargains...

Come and take a look at my bargains I found yesterday at our local flea market! Held once a year and hosted by our local fire brigade, by the time it comes around, the citizens of our town are positively clambering over each other to find themselves a bargain. Last year our family stayed around for the auction. We came home with a piano! This year we kept it simple and just went for the market offerings. I am very pleased with what I came home with:

... an interesting selection of cookbooks, a MIGHTY BIG brand new stainless steel soup ladle, AND a jar of Satsuma Plum Jam, which had made another appearance this year.

I really enjoyed this same variety of jam from the same person last year.

and two big bushy loganberry plants,

now I just need to find the right spot for them, A productive morning, yes?

And back at home, the lettuce seeds are springing into action:


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