Vegie stocktake

I was thinking today, that I should have a record of the different varieties of vegies we have growing at the moment, and also what we are currently harvesting. My one weakness when it comes to spring/summer planting is sowing WAY too many tomato seeds. I just can't bare the thought that there is a tomato variety out there that I won't get to try.

At the moment, we are harvesting:
Broccoli - Summer Green
Cabbage - Sugarloaf & Savoy
Carrots - Topweight
Radish - Sparkler
Spring onions
Tomatoes - Red Fig, Sugarlump, Yellow Peach (saved seed), Zebra mix, Roma, Grosse Lisse & Tigerella
Zucchini - Gold Rush, Greenskin, Mixed Squash (green).

Still eating: Onions, garlic, potatoes - Desiree and Nicola

Homegrown Heirloom tomatoes

The plants that are growing and are yet to be harvested include (in addition to the above):
Climbing Beans - Purple King, Lazy Housewife and Blue Lake
Capsicum - Mini and Sweet Delight
Potatoes - Sebago
Sweetcorn - Terrific
Cucumber - Lebanese
Pumpkin - Butternut, Buttercup, Musque de Provence & Queensland Blue.
Tomato - Black Krim

Chamomile flowers drying

This is the first year we have tried the Tigerella tomatoes. They are REALLY prolific! A lot smaller than I had thought though, they are about the size of a small apricot. I love watching them get their orange stripes! I also love the Black Krim tomatoes, but they are taking aaages to ripen. Come on already!! Favourites to sow next year also include Red Fig and Yellow Peach. The yellow peach tomato seeds came from some seed I had saved last year. I was very happy when my first one ripened today and was just how I remembered it. I will have to try some more seed saving this year with other varieties. What I am really waiting for in the way of tomatoes, is enough to make a batch of tomato kasundi - and Indian tomato relish. Delicious!

We picked up a second-hand freezer yesterday bought off ebay, so hopefully if there is a surplus of any crop, it can be packaged and stored for winter use. It is a chest freezer and fits comfortably in Shaun's study, which has recently become less study-like and more home-gym like. For his use, not mine. I prefer to use the "green gym".

Tiger enjoying the late afternoon sun

The chocolate zucchini cake we made on the weekend went down very well indeed. We used a fine grater and 3 yellow zucchinis. Everyone ate it up without suspecting anything and Elizabeth was dying to tell Georgia, who was absolutely shocked to find out there was zucchini in her cake! She still went back for a second piece though, so maybe she won't be so fussy now when I dish it up on her dinner plate!



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