A tomato to grow in winter??

I bumped into a friend yesterday and she was so excited to tell me about some new tomato seeds she had come across, apparently they grow in winter! Surely she jests. I had to know more. After quizzing my friend, I discovered they were available as part of an experiment/promotion through a well known gardening magazine. What were these seeds? And how on earth can one expect to grow them over winter?? I had to get myself some of the mysterious seeds. After a quick detour on my way home, I had them in my possession.

There are four varieties
Siberia (bush variety, medium size fruit)
Russian Red (grows to 1.5m, small to medium size fruit)
Giant Tree Tomato (can grow up to 3m tall (??!!), huge fruit
Stupice (bush variety to 1.2m, smallish fruit)

I suppose it would make sense that tomatoes grown in colder regions would fruit in Australian winters. Apparently the tree tomato was fruiting in Sydney in August, although I am quite a bit south from there, so will have to see. Anyway, I am always up for an experiment, especially a plant based one and am excited to see how they go. I sowed 4-5 seeds of each variety, so fingers crossed, with successful germination, I should have enough to try planting outside and in the greenhouse. The seeds are available in the January issue of Burkes Backyard.

Click on the links to see the progress of the tomatoes:

First link

Second link

Third link

Fourth link

Fifth and final link


  1. Hello Christine - I am a good friend of your wonderful parents who have sent me the link to your blog. Congratulations on your very interesting diary - what an inspiration you are for me - you certainly love your lifestyle.
    Cheers for now and looking forward to catching up on your goings on later - Debbie Tompkins (Tewantin) We have a bush block at Pomona where I have a number of circle gardens which I "play" with.

  2. Hi Debbie, it's great to hear from you, thanks for your kind words. I would love to hear more about your circle gardens sometime. Hope it's not too hot up your way, Christine


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