Tomato seed saving

Our tomatoes have been ripening for a little while, and I wanted to save some seed for next year's crops. Apparently, your own saved seed grows better in your garden conditions, because it evolves to suit the growing conditions there. I was excited that our yellow peach seeds (saved from last year) have grown to be just the way I remember them. The seed saved today will be their second generation, while the others pictured will be first. All of the seeds (except Grosse Lisse) were purchased from and as some of them came in a mix packet, I was keen to save these for future, individual use.

The tomatoes pictured above from left to right are: Tigerella, Black Krim, Grosse Lisse, Yellow Zebra, Yellow Peach, Sugarlump and Red Fig.

All delicious tomatoes. To save the seeds, first I cut them in half (horizontally - it works better, seriously!), and either squeeze out the pulpy seed mixture by squashing the tomato between my fingers or scooping them out with a small teaspoon.

This year, I'm using a flexi-muffin tray to put the seeds in. Small egg cups also work well. The seeds will need to sit in the tray for a few days with a little water, to allow the gel-like substance to ferment off from the outside of the seeds.

Label them to remember which is which and then set aside on the bench for a few days. They are ready when you can scoop the seeds out and there is no gel-like coating on them. They can then be air dried on sheets of paper towel for another day or two before storing in paper envelopes in a dry place. Here are the yellow peach seeds I saved last year,
I think I remember reading somewhere that tomatoes can cross-pollinate with other varieties, if they are not isolated from each other, so I will be curious to see if any of my seeds don't turn out as expected. It may turn out to be an interesting experiment!


  1. I love seeing your tomatoes all lined up like that! I just have my first lettuce seeds sprouting from seeds I saved :)

  2. Thankyou! I will be interested to hear how your lettuce goes, Christine.

  3. Hi Christine, your blog is a great resource, I have just looked it up to remind me what to do with my tomatoe seeds. Thanks


  4. Thanks, Lise! You are welcome. Glad you're finding it useful.


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