Signs of life

...are in my greenhouse. Yes, the winter tomatoes have germinated, well three giant tree tomatoes and one Siberia, anyway! I will take a pic when there is a little more to see, and hopefully by then the other two varieties will have come up. I will have to start thinking where to plant them. It is too exposed in our chook circle garden to put them there, as they get the brunt of the south-westerly's in winter. I'm thinking perhaps in front of the garage, which has a north facing wall and shelter from the west in the way of large trees. There are no beds there at the moment, just one rampant pumpkin vine having a field day. It would be a good spot to put some trellising too, for the tomatoes to grow up. Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday I posted a little about an apron I was hoping to finish. Well, here we have it, the finished item.

It's OK! I haven't been decapitated, my daughter took the photo and chopped my head off right through my nose so the full facial picture will have to wait for another day. My new garden apron has a little bit of a picture happening up the top, and a reinforced, divided pocket. I was happy to have found the fabric in my sewing supplies, so all I really needed to get was some fabric tape for the straps. Here is a closer look at the wonky stitching:

I broke the apron in with a quick peek around the garden and I was very happy. It held my camera nicely. On my travels, I went to investigate what else was happening in the greenhouse and discovered that we have:

Grosse Lisse tomatoes ripening

Strawberries that have not been discovered by young people yet

....and tasty pumpkins growing bigger every day

This is the first year we have had pumpkins and strawberries. Last year our total harvest boasted one pumpkin the size of a grapefruit and a handful of small alpine strawberries. That was it, for the entire season! All be it, very delicious, but not going to feed the family for any great length of time. This year, I was determined to cover all bases regarding the pumpkins, and think I went slightly overboard by planting...let's see....eight vines!! Most have fruit, which is fantastic, but the kids don't really like pumpkin that much, so I am a little concerned about how we are going to eat them all!

I received a zucchini & chocolate cake recipe the other day (thanks Tammy), and made it yesterday. Well, Elizabeth (8y.o) and I made it together. It is HUGE! I thought it might be a nice way to welcome home Georgia (10) who got in from her interstate visit with grandparents late last night. I am curious to see how the zucchini part goes down.....


  1. Not a problem : ). I love your apron and your greenhouse fruits and pumpkin look great!

  2. Hello Christine! Your apron is lovely, so is the bread bag. It looks like you've got an excellent healthy vegetable garden growing there.

  3. You are too kind, Tammy! Hello Rhonda! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and for your lovely comments. I am really enjoying your site!


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