Meet Muffin and Biscuit!

Meet our two boer goats, Muffin and Biscuit! Muffin is the white one and Biscuit looks just like one with chocolate and vanilla colouring! They are both females and 5 months old, we got Muffin when she was just 3 weeks old and bottle fed her until 12 weeks. Biscuit came along about 2 months ago, and they are the best of friends. Their main purpose is to control the scrubby, blackberry growth that is threatening to overgrow behind our dam, and of course to be great pets.

Muffin coming in for a closer look (note her really sharp horns)

Biscuit, amazingly keeping still for one moment to let me take a picture

Muffin, being a typical goat
Lately I have noticed Muffin's horns becoming sharper by the day, with a fine layer of horn dissapearing and was baffled as to how this was happening. I originally thought she was rubbing/scratching against something but observed Biscuit coming along and having a good old chew one day! Poor Muffin, being Biscuit's chewing post. I don't know why Biscuit is doing this, she has grain for breakfast, grass/scrub all day and oaten hay at night, PLUS a mineral block which I see her licking every day! Is it a dominating habit? Or something tied over from when she was weaned? I got out there yesterday and tried to file them down a little, but it will take a few goes until they are blunted to my satisfaction. Maybe a pepper paste that tastes REALLY bad? Who knows, I just hope that it stops soon...


  1. Hi Mum
    Your lucky you got those good photos!!
    Love Georgia :) :-)


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