Bread and Butter Cucumbers

Cucumbers are so cheap at the moment, about $1 each for the large, long continental type ones. My family absolutely devour bread and butter pickles, so it was time to make some more!

Thinly slice the cucumbers, today I had 3 large ones. Using a mandoline makes life much easier, just be sure to watch your fingers!

Mix the cucumbers with about 4 tbs salt, one thinly sliced onion and then cover with ice-cubes. Place in the fridge for 3 hours - overnight.

Rinse the cucumber well and drain in a colander. Gather ingredients for the pickling liquid; 2 1/4 cups sugar, 1 tbs yellow mustard seeds, 3/4 tsp celery seeds, 3/4 tsp ground turmeric, 1 1/2 cups white vinegar. Mix all together in a large pot and bring to the boil. Add the drained cucumbers and slowly heat for 5 minutes. Place into warm, sterilized jars and seal.

Process in a boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes.

Delicious served with fresh bread, tomatoes and cheese!


  1. Thanks for the recipe. Could I ask,do you use re-cycled jars with the original lid? If so, how tight do you screw on the lid before you put the jars in the water bath?

  2. Yes gp, I frequently use recycled jars with screw lids for preserving the pickles. The lid is screwed on just enough to stop it loosening in the preserving vessel..not too tight, but not too loose either...I hope this helps. :)


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